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Treasury is the heart and bridge to your web3 expansion. A digital assets current account from where you can navigate towards new businesses and opportunities.

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CryptoMate Web3 compass

Manage your 360° expansion


Monitoring, management and analysis of your entire operation in real time. Understand your business while integrating your new service layers.


Innovation without limits or obstacles. Operate on multiple Blockchain networks with the highest standards of security and control.


Infrastructure ready to serve any business layer. Be free to focus on generating value and growth for your company


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An ecosystem of solutionsin one place

Business flow management

Create and manage your networks, portfolios, virtual wallets, tokenized assets and business units.

Banking and payment connections

Link bank accounts or cards for loading and withdrawal of balance to your account. Build payment processing applications in multiple international currencies against stablecoins.

Web3 business intelligence

Visualize and monitor the evolution of your implementations in real time. Maximize your business opportunities and optimize your development plan.

Account settings

Manage your APIs, permissions, security instances, billing and/or request new products.


Your limitless treasury